About Minnie and Mag

About Minnie and Mag. M&M

Welcome to Minnie and Mag, your go-to destination for Personalised Framed Baby and Children's Gifts, heartfelt Greeting Cards, and designs for cherished family occasions like Mother's Day and Christmas.

I'm Claire, the proud owner of this cosy design and print haven nestled in Athgarvan, Co Kildare. At Minnie and Mag, we offer a comprehensive gifting solution that includes

  • Personalised Framed and Unframed Prints

  • Bespoke Greeting Cards

  • Complimentary Gift Wrapping

  • Sending Direct Option

We understand that gift-giving is about more than just the item itself; it's about the emotion and sentiment behind it. Minnie and Mag is founded on the core principle of taking care of you and your special order.

Our mission is to make your shopping experience easy and delightful, ensuring you find the perfect gifts that resonate with your heart.

Our collection boasts a blend of original designs and collaborative works with talented artists. For instance, our watercolor designs are crafted from elements painted by skilled watercolor artists, with the final scene expertly pieced together to tell a unique story. We work closely under licence with these artists, a practice we are committed to maintaining in the future.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out via email.

Thank you for choosing Minnie and Mag; we're thrilled to have you here.

Claire 💛

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